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Hello! My name is Steven and I am a co-owner of Nitty Gritty Tattoo and Barber Co.

Born and raised in London, Ontario and the surrounding area, I’ve been drawing since I was in kindergarten. It’s my life. It’s always been something I could fall back on. It was a MAJOR outlet for me during my adolescence and really helped me through a lot. Being anxious, introverted and shy, drawing was (and still is) my voice.  

I’ve worked in many different avenues of creativity but tattooing is truly in a league of its own.

I’ve been tattooing 7 years. I love tattooing bio-organic and traditional. I am very style fluid and have an extremely wide range in my drawing ability. I try to be as unique and true to myself as I can with every tattoo I do. I want to be the best and I pride myself on my unorthodox creative approach.

I like hockey, mtg, video games, discovering new music, and relaxing at home.

See you around :)